Radioactive Exclusion Zone (R.E.Z)

Official R.E.Z. Whitepaper, last updated December 2021
Welcome our post-apocalyptic world!


In the 2020s a couple of nuclear plants exploded in Eastern Europe, leaving the area between middle East Asia, northern Africa, and the central and north of Europe uninhabitable. This forced millions to flee to safer places, like western Europe, North and South America, or Asia.‌
20 years later, in the 2040s resources began to decrease as the population increased. This caused wars for resources, forcing the most powerful countries to use atomic bombs. As the third and last world war started, humanity came to an end.
The year is 2055. You are a survivor who never left Eastern Europe, living in the radioactive exclusion zone.
  • There are no governments or laws.
  • There are constant radioactive storms that appear randomly.
  • There aren't enough resources for everyone, so you have to either kill or run for your life.
  • Only the strongest survive.
  • In order to escape faster from storms, the survivors barely leave their cars.
  • Your car is your religion.
You leave by yourself in the Bulgarian Balkans and survive by looting resources in the abandoned radioactive exclusion zone of northern Bulgaria.
You can read more information about the game and all the different game modes in the Gameplay section.
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R.E.Z. is a NFT videogame

Our goal with R.E.Z. is to create the first AAA competitive NFT videogame and position our title as an eSports game.
We aim to change the whole gaming sector with the first title that will bring together different worlds, like competitive gaming, play-to-earn games, NFTs, and AAA titles.
Our team has wide experience bringing innovation to the automotive sector, adding Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain solutions to it. We are not only gamers (some of us competitive players), but also videogame developers, some of us having more than 10 years of experience.
R.E.Z. is a play-to-earn game, where every player can earn tokens through skilled gameplay and contributions to the ecosystem. Players can compete against our AI or in a competitive multiplayer mode.
While R.E.Z. is a Blockchain game that rewards players for their contributions in a model named "play to earn", we also aim to create an AAA game that offers the best of traditional videogames, with seasonal pass every 6-8 weeks offering new rewards, competitions, gameplay updates, new maps, etc.
Players can earn by:
  • Competing in multiplayer Survival/Battle Royale Game Mode to win tokens, fuel, materials, and tools to upgrade their cars or create new ones.
  • Competing in PvC modes for smaller rewards.
  • The best players during the week will qualify for a highly competitive tournament every weekend with the best prizes.
  • By "surviving in Chernograd" you will keep all the loot you earned (via looting or killing) and use it to upgrade your car (NFT), craft new pieces (NFTs) or cars (NFTs).
  • You can buy and sell NFTs on the marketplace and earn tokens just by playing the game.
  • Players can earn a governance token, $REZ, which represents a real slice of the game universe as it has governance rights and fee-sharing built into it.

Our Mission

We aim to bring a quality and competitive play to earn model videogame to gamers and blockchain enthusiasts.

The Vision

Become the first blockchain gaming company to bring numerous AAA games with play to earn model to the world and change the gaming sector completely.
Welcome to the gaming revolution.
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