Game Modes
The R.E.Z. world is extense and continuosly growing, that is why we plan to add new featues and games modes with every new season. Each season will have an estimate duration of 8 weeks (2 months).
In our first season, we will have the game mode described below. Every season will arrive with a massive game update, possible new maps, game modes, rewards, a survivor pass with new rewards in every level, etc.
With every season there will be a survivor pass with 100 levels where you can unlock new rewards at every new level and receive very special rewards at the highest levels.

Survive in Chernograd

This is R.E.Z.'s main game mode. 50 survivors will spawn around the borders of our big map with the city of Chernograd in the middle.
  • Survivors will loot to survive, they will need fuel for their car, air capsules for their gas mask, etc.
  • They will also find materials and tools.
  • The winner (last survivor) will take all the loot with himself. It will appear in their garage after the game.
  • There are different modes to escape with the loot. Between minutes 7 and 10 of the game, an alternative exit will open on one of the map's edges. Every survivor that exits will keep part of the loot he had on when he escaped.
There will be many ways to play the game, depending on every player's abilities, vehicles, game plan, strategy, etc.
Radioactive Exclusion Zone's map has a dimension of 42 square km and is an island from which you can only escape through a boat or by being the last survivor. The map will have multiple ports and a boat will sail away from a random one offering an alternative exit.
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