NFTs and their functionality


Vehicles are very important to survive as well as obtaining rewards playing R.E.Z. You can win without your vehicle, but it will be more challenging and you will not be able to store the same amount of loot that you want to take to your Garage without the vehicle's inventory.

What aspects or characteristics of the vehicle vary in the NFTs?

Each vehicle model has characteristics that do not vary, such as:

  • Speed

  • Acceleration

  • Weight

  • Brakes

  • Etc.

On the other hand, there are vehicle characteristics that vary for each NFT and that makes them unique. It is practically impossible to find two identical vehicles, even if they are of the same vehicle model.

  • Inventory capacity - the amount of loot that the user can store in the vehicle.

  • Life - resistance offered by the vehicle to external damage.

  • Fuel tank capacity - fuel capacity that the vehicle can store.

  • Radiation resistance - indicates the reduction in damage the player receives from being inside the vehicle and inside the radioactive storm or zone.

The level of each of these attributes is determined by the level of the parts that make up the vehicle. Each part can be replaced at any time, thus creating a completely new NFT and burning the old one. In addition, each vehicle has a total of 3 slots where you can add attack or defensive pieces such as machine guns, spikes, grenade launchers, wheel covers, etc.

Will there be free vehicles? What advantages will those who are NFTs have?

Yes, every player will be able to play R.E.Z. with a default vehicle that will not be able to equip any attack or defensive accessories and will have the default characteristics.


Masks are very important in the game essentially in the radioactive zone. To understand it better, we want more dynamism and a lot of action in our game, so players will be forced to loot quickly and to move a lot.

To achieve the urgency of movement, we have incorporated two elements:

  • Radioactive zone, as in any battle royale game, there is a playable zone that closes to force players to meet. This zone will deal damage to players that can be reduced if the player is wearing a gas mask.

  • Radioactive storm, which appears affecting a wide and random region of the map and forces the player to flee due to the damage it causes. In the same way as before, the masks will give players an advantage to be able to last longer. But they will need to be careful, as the masks are damaged and need to be repaired or their air filters replaced.

Will there be free masks? What advantages will those who are NFTs have?

Yes, each player will have a free mask by default. Advantages of the masks that are NFTs:

  • They are more resistant, so they are more difficult to damage.

  • They are more durable so your air pods are depleted less often.

  • They allow the player to obtain greater rewards when winning games as well as keep most of their loot in case of escaping through the alternative exit.


Garages have no in-game use for R.E.Z., but they are used on the website, where players can view their NFTs (such as parts, vehicles, or masks) and their inventory. The garage is where the player stores all his belongings so it also has a limited capacity.

Each garage has the following characteristics:

  • Number of vehicles you can store.

  • The number of pieces you can store.

  • Crafting ability, which indicates how often the player will be able to craft (mint) a new part or vehicle.

Will there be free garages? What advantages will those who are NFTs have?

Yes, each player will have a default garage that will have limited characteristics that can be observed when entering their Garage section when logged in once the marketplace is open.

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