Radioactive Exclusion Zone was founded in Spain by Iskren Mitov in 2021. The global idea for R.E.Z. as a business is to become a Decentralized Organization.
This process occurs as $REZ is distributed among players and stakers, with the Core Team ownership becoming less concentrated over time.
The Core Team will be able to vote with the locked Play to Earn and Staking reward allocations. This will prevent hostile actors from disrupting the ecosystem during the early and crucial phases of development.
The team consists of 19 employees, Game, Blockchain, AI, Web Developers, 3D Modelers, Animators, Sound Specialists, etc.

Iskren Mitov - CEO (

Iskren is a serial entrepreneur. Named one of Spain's best young entrepreneurs (under 30) by the countries' best universities and the bank of Santander.
Iskren is a computer engineer, winner of multiple hackathons (Hack4Good), an expert in innovative technologies like Blockchain or Artificial Intelligence.
As a founder of yodono, a blockchain social network, he was rewarded as the best entrepreneur from Salamanca (Spanish city) multiple times, the best social entrepreneur from Castile and Leon (Spanish region), and one of the best in Spain in 2017.
He now has more than 3 years of experience as an Innovation Leader in the Automotive Sector, building AI and Blockchain solutions to solve the sector's needs.

Xavier García - CMO (

Xavier is an expert in international marketing with more than 15 years of experience working in multinationals from different sectors.
Since 2016 he has specialized and focused on the crypto and DeFi world. He has a special interest and is specializing in the union of Decentralized Finance and video games, more specifically, the metaverses.
He is a specialist in creating communities, pre-sales / launches of ICOs / IGOs as well as in the creation of partnerships and international businesses.

Eva Ballester - CFO (

Eva has more than 20 years of experience financially advising projects and SMEs around the world. Financial professional with more than 20 years of experience in multinationals from different sectors and focused on improving decision-making through financial management and technological development.
She has studied Economics by UCM, ExMBA, an Executive Structured Finance & Private Equity Program by IEBS, a General Manager Program by IESE, and a Master's in Blockchain by UEMC. LinkedIn

Ricardo Palacios - Blockchain Lead (

Ricardo is a Systems Engineer with a Master's in Big Data at U-tad and a Master's in Blockchain at UAH. He has more than 14 years of experience in different companies as SysAdmin, DevOps, Cloud Architect, Data Engineer, and Blockchain Developer.
He's been responsible for 4 years for the global Data Lake at Telefónica and Tech Lead at Stratio for Banco Santander for 2 years.
He is dedicated to the development of Smart Contracts and Blockchain architectures. Currently focused on NFT Games.

Rosario Basilotta - Game Director (

Creative, passionate, and visionary Game Director with more than 20 years of experience.
He started from the early days of the mobile gaming industry and worked on over 100 games in design and production management roles.
With a background in studio/team/product management, creative direction, F2P game design, live operations, and UI/UX, he enjoys coaching and inspiring creative teams, generating and presenting innovative ideas, delivering compelling gaming experiences that keep players engaged for a long time.
Among the greatest achievements of his career are building and managing 2 game studios at Gameloft (Barcelona and Milan), founding a start-up specialized in casual F2P games, having been the game director of Angry Birds Go!, having been in charge of a creative lab at King responsible for envisioning and prototyping mid-core games.

Nadiia Ischenko - CBDO (

Nadiia's always had the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to create something as ambitious as R.E.Z. She is a graduate in business management with a Master's in Business Administration (MBA).
She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, and Spanish. She has experience in internationalization and in creating communities, specializing in Eastern European countries.

Bernardo Guevara - Blockchain Economy Manager (

Bernardo is a Systems Engineer, with a mention in process automation and E-commerce. He is also a University coach in statistics and physics. A former engineer of a top energy company,
Bernardo is currently a developer of the select innovation group at Mobius Group. He's always been a crypto fan, student of crypto economies, and defender of decentralized economies.

Ivan Perez Carrancio - Lead Technical Developer (

Ivan has 3 years of study and works with Unreal Engine developing the video game Psych.
He is a specialist in visual programming using Blueprints, shader creation, and visual effects combining particle systems. Also, Ivan is passionate about survival, horror, and hack & slash games.
Ivan shows a lot of dedication to everything he does and he does it with a lot of passion and innovation.

Rubén Amor - Lead Artist & Level Designer (

Ruben is greatly passionate about computer science and video games.
After trying his luck in labor law, he discovered that his true vocation is to teach other people his extensive knowledge in the field of graphic and 3D design until he discovered the wonderful world of graphic engines (Unity, Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine).
He has more than 10 years of experience in modeling, graphic development, and environment design.
The majority of what you see on our video game's map is thanks to Ruben and his great adaptability and rapid change management.

Carlos de la Fuente Lucas-Torres - Sound Director (

Composer and sound designer for various media including TV, Films and videogames. A musician since the age of 7, he's a composer that's been recognized with national and international awards.
Included among these are The Akademia Music Awards (Los Angeles) - February 2021 Best Song/Ambient Instrumental, the Tracks Music Awards (Los Angeles)-June 2021 Best Music Composition, and PSTalents 2020 where he was nominated for Best OST and SFX.
Carlos has also composed original scores and soundtracks for several short films and video games. LinkedIn | Website

Enmanuel Madrid - AI Developer (

Enmanuel is a person who loves challenges and is constantly learning about new technologies. He is recognized by Andrés Bello Catholic University as one of the most brilliant engineers in his class.
Passionate about the art of mathematics, statistics, and computing, his career began as a backend in parallel with his studies in the area of Artificial Intelligence, in addition to combining it with his love for competitive video games, such as League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive and most recently Valorant.
Today, he is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence and has been creating computer solutions for more than 4 years using this knowledge, in addition to reaching high competitive ranks in his favorite video games.

Javier Ortega Martin - Concept Artist (

Javier is our concept artist, 3D modeler, 2D artist and illustrator. He has extensive experience of more than 2 years for different projects. He's an expert in props, environment design, and illustration.
Javier is also a huge fan of videogames, esports, and digital art. LinkedIn

Álvaro Monzón - Lead NFT Designer (

Alvaro is a 3D and 2D artist with more than 8 years of experience in the video game sector and in sectors such as storyboard and design in general. Alvaro is certified in the school of 2D/3D animation and is currently designing the survivors' masks. Website

David Martínez - Technical Artist (

David has an experience of more than 2 years as a technical artist.
He is an artist with innovative ideas in the video game sector. He has extensive knowledge in the sector and experiences of virtual worlds and videogames in UE4 / 5 and Unity 5.

Dennis Nahogara - Gameplay Developer (

Dennis is a cool passionate game developer, with many own titles and lots of experience with engines, coding is his second name and his games are really fun to play!
After a long time of working on personal projects, Dennis finally took the needed skills for working with a prepared team, improving even further his knowledge and crafting awesome mechanics for a great next game.

Mario Galindo Marcos - Screenwriter & Game Developer (

Mario is an expert in linear narration and montage and in literary and audiovisual sources in video games.
He has experience of more than 5 years developing scripts for games and short films. He is the Developer and head of the new game in HIV Final Phase, graduated with honors from the Francisco de Vitoria University.
Throughout his professional career, he has been Co-founder of the Puro Vicio podcast and jury at Chicharrón Film Festival 2021. and also Writer, Director, and editor of the short film Home Road.

Paula Sagrera Guibernau - 3D Artist (

Paula is a brilliant 3D Modeler with general knowledge of 3D.
She has a career in 2D / 3D Animation from L'idem Barcelona with a specialization in 3D art. She also has a master's degree in 3D Interior Design from CICE and another in video game design from UPF-BSM.
Paula has had experiences working on a couple of animated shorts and a video game project as a 3D generalist, which has given her an insight into the typical project process.
Paula is always looking for new opportunities to improve her work and knowledge. Also, Paula is very proactive and works very well in a team.

Andreu González Martos - 3D Artist (

Andreu is a great 3D modeling professional with 4 years of freelance experience.
Andreu is capable of modeling and texturing to scan real objects and prepare them for viewing, as well as using new technologies and translating documents.
He has extensive experience in different companies and always collaborating with different projects is always eager to learn more and work towards goals.